Ep. 138 – Frequently Asked Questions From Investors (and What They Mean), Part 3

SIBP-Blog-NEW-3Investors love asking tough questions after a business pitch. They may start off with softball questions, but sooner or later they will start throwing you some real curveballs. How you react to those tricky, probing and often unexpected questions says a lot about your ability to manage the daily challenges of being an entrepreneur.

In this episode, host and business coach Tom Ryan wraps up this three-part series with the “junk balls” of the post-pitch Q&A session. As always, Tom is joined by co-host and producer Jason Pyles. Continue reading

Ep. 137 – Frequently Asked Questions From Investors (and What They Mean), Part 2

SIBP-Blog-NEW-2As you’re wrapping up your pitch presentation, it’s inevitable that your would-be investors will have questions. In part one, host and business coach Tom Ryan covered the obvious, predictable questions you can easily knock out of the park. Now it’s time to talk about the less-easy questions.

In this episode, he takes a look at the tougher, less-obvious topics that can all too easily trip you up if you aren’t prepared. Tom is joined, as always, by producer and co-host Jason Pyles. Continue reading

5 Tips for Creating Great Business Partnerships

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-3What partners do you need to successfully grow and build your business? You’re going to need suppliers, for a start. These are the people who provide the materials you need for creating your product or delivering your service. You’re also going to need vendors — from consultants and lawyers to software providers and office supply companies — to support your operation.

Other partners you will eventually need to bring in might not be as obvious. Continue reading

Ep. 056 – Interview with Slidebean CEO ‘Caya’ Cayasso, Part 4

Jose 'Caya' Cayasso, CEO of Slidebean

Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso, CEO of Slidebean

In this episode, the Success In Business Podcast wraps up our interview with Jose ‘Caya’ Cayasso, founder and CEO of presentation-sharing software startup Slidebean. In this segment of the interview, Tom and Caya discuss working with investors, the challenge of timing your fundraising, and the startup cultures of New York, Silicon Valley and Costa Rica.

In addition to his success as an entrepreneur, Caya has been named in the “40 Under 40” list of Costa Rican innovators by El Financiero newspaper, and received an Innovation Champion by the Costa Rican Ministry of Science and Technology. Continue reading