Lessons Learned From A Startup Founders’ Breakup

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-2There’s a lot of wisdom that can come from a really bad breakup. Given a little time and some self-reflection, you can gain some pretty big insights into what not to do next time. While I’ve had my share of bad romantic breakups, the worst — and ultimately most insightful — breakup I ever had was as the co-founder of a startup.

Anyone thinking of starting a business with friends should hear this cautionary tale. Continue reading

5 Tips for Creating Great Business Partnerships

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-3What partners do you need to successfully grow and build your business? You’re going to need suppliers, for a start. These are the people who provide the materials you need for creating your product or delivering your service. You’re also going to need vendors — from consultants and lawyers to software providers and office supply companies — to support your operation.

Other partners you will eventually need to bring in might not be as obvious. Continue reading