Lessons Learned From A Startup Founders’ Breakup

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-2There’s a lot of wisdom that can come from a really bad breakup. Given a little time and some self-reflection, you can gain some pretty big insights into what not to do next time. While I’ve had my share of bad romantic breakups, the worst — and ultimately most insightful — breakup I ever had was as the co-founder of a startup.

Anyone thinking of starting a business with friends should hear this cautionary tale. Continue reading

6 Tips For Building A Kick-Ass Startup Team

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-2Who do you need on your team when building a great startup? As with so many things in the entrepreneurial world, there is no one easy answer. Every company’s needs are different, but that doesn’t mean that creating your team needs to be a roll of the dice. Here are six guidelines to keep in mind as you build an exceptional team around your startup. Continue reading