Entrepreneur: A Job Description

IMG_2329What are the personality traits, core values and motivations that make for a great entrepreneur? It’s a tricky question to answer, because the best entrepreneurs come from wildly different backgrounds, started businesses for a wide variety of reasons, and often have deeply personal missions driving their work. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates couldn’t have been more different in terms of personality and their approaches to fostering the personal computer revolution, for instance, but both were clearly exceptional entrepreneurs.

To gain a better understanding of what makes a great entrepreneur, it might help to think about the topic from another perspective. Let’s put the role of the entrepreneur into a format most of us are familiar with. What would the job description for an exceptional entrepreneur say? Continue reading

4 Tips For Knowing If You’re Really Ready To Start A Business

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-2For every would-be entrepreneur, there comes a time where you’ve done all the planning and prep work you possibly can. You’ve taken your time, you’ve asked all the right questions, and there’s seemingly nothing left to do but get started. Yet, there’s still that nagging doubt. Maybe you’re missing something. How can you know that you’re really ready to start your business?

Starting a business is a scary prospect, particularly if it’s your first time. Can you really trust your gut instincts when that same gut is also filled with butterflies? It helps to have some outside confirmation that you’re truly ready to roll.

In this post, I’ll talk about four simple tips for knowing if you’re ready to turn your well-planned business idea into a real business. Continue reading

Ep. 139 – Great Ideas Are Like Wearing Cut-Off Jean Shorts to the Indy 500

Shades, 'stache, and wolf-print t-shirt

Shades, ‘stache, and wolf-print t-shirt

In this special episode of the Success in Business Podcast, host Tom Ryan finally unleashes his epic tale about a bachelor party, a mustache contest, too-short cutoff jeans, and how the all collided at an iconic car race. In addition to a few laughs, this anecdote might even include a valuable lesson for would-be entrepreneurs.

In addition to his work as a raconteur and podcast host, Tom Ryan is a business coach with the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneur in Residence program in Asheville, NC. As always, Tom is joined by co-host and producer Jason Pyles. Continue reading

Ep. 061 – Must-Have Entrepreneur Qualities and Strengths

SIB-Blog-2What are the qualities that make for a great entrepreneur? In this “on the road” episode, host Tom Ryan explore this fantastic listener-submitted question. To give the question more grounding, Tom explores this topic as a kind of “Entrepreneur Job Description.”

Learn the “must have” qualities every business creator needs to possess, as well as the “should have” traits and “big plusses” that help define great entrepreneurs. Continue reading