Ep. 157 – Donald Miller’s “How to Tell a Story” eBook – Part 4

SIBP-Blog-NEW-5Creating a compelling story for your business isn’t about casting yourself or your company as the hero. It’s about placing your customers, partners and investors in that role, identifying their problems, acting as their guide, and calling them to action. It’s not your story that matters, it’s theirs.

Host and business coach Tom Ryan and co-host/producer Jason Pyles continue their discussion of Donald Miller’s powerful, compelling ebook, How to Tell a Story. Learn why it’s important to frame your stories correctly, and hear some real-world applications of these principles from Tom’s work with the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneur in Residence program. Continue reading

Ep. 151 – Why Content Marketing Matters

SIBP-Blog-NEW-3What is it about content marketing that makes it so compelling and effective? Is it purely a function of the way we consume media, or is there a generational shift at work? And what does it mean for how customers relate to brands?

In today’s episode of the Success In Business podcast, host and coach Tom Ryan answers some of these questions using both the hard data about how it works, and the deeper common knowledge about the effectiveness of storytelling. As always, Tom is joined in this discussion by co-host and producer Jason Pyles. Continue reading

Ep. 150 – What Is Content Marketing?

SIBP-Blog-NEW-1The way businesses connect with customers is constantly changing. There’s no better example of this than the current move towards using “content marketing” to reach those customers directly. Content marketing is a big deal, particularly in a world where social media has become a primary marketing channel, but is it really that different from traditional marketing and advertising?

As host and business coach Tom Ryan explains, “If you don’t get onboard the content marketing train, you’re going to be left at the station.” As always, Tom is joined in this discussion by co-host and producer Jason Pyles. Continue reading