The Four Ps Of Scaling: An Overview

IMG_2329Growing a business is always a challenge. Even with great founders, outstanding products or services, encouraging profits and exceptional momentum, there is no guarantee that scaling that business will be a smooth process. Not only are there the logistical issues when it comes to things like opening new locations, training new staff and creating a consistent customer experience, but there are other, easily overlooked elements to consider as an operation expands.

On a personal level, scaling a business is also stressful. Operating a single-shop business is demanding enough, and it can easily take a huge toll on your personal life. Expanding your operation by even a single location can have an exponential impact on your family life, friendships. and your health. From your ability to sleep to the simple sanity of downtime, every part of your life will be affected. Continue reading

Startup Capital: 5 Steps For Determining How Much Money You Need To Raise

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-5In my last post, I explained how to determine your startup expenses. That’s an important step for determining your outside capital needs, but it’s not the whole story. To get an accurate idea of how much money your business will need to reach the place where it is generating a profit, you need to see the bigger picture.

By following these five steps, you will have a much better idea of your actual funding needs. This is the exact kind of information investors and lenders will need to see before they open up their checkbooks. Continue reading

Ep. 147 – The Four P’s of Scaling Your Business: Part 3 – Planning and Pace

SIBP-Blog-NEW-4“Building the airplane in the air” might be a survivable strategy for a high-growth startup, but for an established company looking to scale, it’s rarely anything other than a disaster. If you want to scale your business sanely, you need to have a rock-solid plan in place. That means knowing where you’re going, and getting there at a realistic pace.

In this final episode of the Four Ps of Scaling Your Business, host and business coach Tom Ryan talks about the final two piece to the puzzle: Planning and Pace. As always, Tom is joined by producer and co-host Jason Pyles. Continue reading

Startup Capital: One-Time Costs and Ongoing Expenses

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-3As you raise startup capital, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is “What do I need this money for?” It can be a tricky question to answer, as there are a lot of expenses associated with starting a business. To understand how much money you need, you need to start with your expenses.

While every startup is different, most early stage businesses share similar needs. These generally break down into two broad categories: One-time costs and ongoing expenses. In this post, I’ll explain the differences between these two kinds of expenses, and give you some general examples of each. Continue reading

Ep. 146 – The Four P’s of Scaling Your Business: Part 2 – Process

SIBP-Blog-NEW-3Expanding a business into multiple locations requires more than just the logistics of renting a space and hiring new staff. Successful scaling means building a new level of efficiency and developing clear company practices, all while creating a consistent customer experience. At the same time, it can also require a balancing act between empowering the on-site management while building up centralized processes.

In this episode, host and business coach Tom Ryan explores the fundamentals of process, the second “P” in his Four P’s of Scaling series. As always, Tom is joined by producer and co-host Jason Pyles. Continue reading

Ep. 145 – The Four P’s of Scaling Your Business: Part 1:B – People (The Outback Model)

Bloomin' Onion. Photo source:

Bloomin’ Onion. Photo source:

No matter what your business plan, you’re going to need the right people to make it happen. That’s even more true as you scale your business. Grow too quickly without bringing the right partners on, and the quality of your service or product will suffer. Try to do it all yourself, however, and you’ll be spread paper thin before you know it.

In this episode, host and business coach Tom Ryan talks about Outback Steakhouse’s highly aggressive — and highly successful — expansion strategy, and the lessons it can teach any company looking to scale. As always, Tom is joined by co-host and producer Jason Pyles. Continue reading

From Idea To Business: Common Obstacles, And What To Do About Them

SIBP-Blog-NEW-B-2One of the best parts of my job is working with young entrepreneurs. I call them my “baby birds,” and there’s something incredibly rewarding about taking them under my wing. I love being in a position to guide them through the early stages of starting a company, acting as a mentor as they turn an idea into a full-fledged business. When those businesses finally take flight, it’s a huge thrill.

Creating a viable business means going into the process with your eyes wide open, and I always love it when those young entrepreneurs ask me those simple-yet-tough questions I really have to think about. For instance, I hear a lot of variations on this question: “What obstacles can I expect to run into as I start to turn my idea into a real business?” Continue reading

Ep. 144 – The Four P’s of Scaling Your Business: Part 1 – People

SIBP-Blog-NEW-2It’s time to start the New Year off right! That means another multi-part series on developing your business. This week, we’re talking about the four big things to keep in mind as you scale and expand your operations. Growing a business is always challenging, and it can take quite a toll on your relationships, your free time, and your health.

Host and business coach Tom Ryan explains the core concepts of expanding your business, and how to do so without sacrificing your work/life balance. As always, Tom is joined by co-host and producer Jason Pyles. Continue reading