Ep. 230 – 12 Questions Every Investment Pitch Deck Must Answer – Part 3 of 4

SIBP-Blog-NEW-4 Welcome to Episode 230 of the Success in Business Podcast. Today your host Tom Ryan and producer Jason Pyles continue discussing the kind of thorough preparation you must do before meeting with an investor. There are 12 questions every investment pitch deck must answer. We’ll break this into 4 parts. Today, in part three, we cover questions seven through nine:

7. What success or traction have you achieved so far?
Great idea vs. great business model = how receptive the Market is.

8. Who do you need to beat, and how beatable are they?

9. How will you scale the business?

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Ep. 220 – Startup Secret Weapon: See Risk Like an Investor Part 3


Welcome to Episode 220 of the Success in Business Podcast, your host Tom Ryan is joined by producer Jason Pyles. This episode is Part 3 of 3, where Tom shares his StartUp Secret Weapon: Approaching Risk Like An Investor.

Market risk is one of these iceberg or transformer topics where there’s more than meets the eye. But generally speaking, assessing market risk comes down to an investor believing what you’re creating will quickly solve an actual problem that’s significant and worth tackling. A problem the market will agree is worth solving.

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Ep. 213 – The Secrets to a Successful Kickstarter Campaign, Part 3

SIBP-Blog-NEW-1 Kickstarter campaigns can be very successful if they are done right! Today in Episode 213 your host and business coach Tom Ryan discusses with Jason Pyles what makes a video effective. There are a lot of things that you need to do right to achieve that high production value in your video. Campaigns with good videos are funded twice as well according to Kickstarter.

Hiring a professional videographer is a big investment so you really want to check their portfolio and their references. Jason tells a couple of funny cautionary tales to illustrate the importance of finding good talent. If your have a tight budget for your project then Tom recommends approaching a local college or university’s Video Department.

If you have an iphone you might be surprised at the quality of the video you can shoot on this kind of device. Just make sure you have a steady hand. A perfect solution to this concern is a this GoWorx GoKnuckles Handheld Mount.

Check out an example of a great kickstarter video here.

Audio quality needs to be sharp our people will tune out. You need to make sure your subjects are properly wired and that you are using good microphones.

A great location can add so much to your video. Choose a location that is relevant to your audience.

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