Ep 241- Lighter Capital and Ceterus CEOs BJ Lackland and Levi Morehouse Breakdown Revenue Based Financing

SIBP-Blog-NEW-4 Welcome to Episode 241 of the Success in Business Podcast. We are here for you every Monday to teach you about success in business and today is no different.

Today Tom has invited two guests to join the show. We proudly welcome CEO Lighter Capital, BJ Lackland and Levi Morehouse the founder and CEO of Ceterus onto the Success in Business Podcast. They are experts in Revenue Based Funding and have great insights for entrepreneurs.

Revenue Based financing can be described as a royalty agreement. It’s a way to acquire capital and pay it back on a schedule that matches the cash flow of your business.

Lighter Capital provides that kind of capital to start-ups and is more interested in helping the companies that they partner with succeed as opposed to getting their money back.

Ceterus is a SAS company that started in 2008. In any industry, developing a product is expensive. Ceterus had self-funded the development of a software product to which they were selling subscriptions and it was really taking off. They wanted to be able to keep growing as opposed to holding tight and stagnant. He was in a part of the country that didn’t have a strong angel lending scene and a bank loan wasn’t an option so he looked into revenue based financing with Lighter Capital.

Levi is a returning guest to the Success in Business Podcast. You can check out his previous episodes here:
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