Ep. 216 – Scaling a Locally Profitable Business Into a National One


In Episode 216 of the Success in Business Podcast, your host Tom Ryan is joined by co-producer Natalie Pyles. This episode is Part 1 of 2, where Tom and Natalie interview a dynamic, husband-and-wife entrepreneurial team, Tammy and Stewart Cook, founders of the App-Garden. Tammy and Stewart talk about the beginnings of their startup journey and the path they’ve taken to reach their present-day success!

Stewart and Tammy discuss how they adapted their business as they saw changes occur within their field. Stewart describes how their company was profitable but not as scalable as they wanted it to be. Stewart says that he and Tammy wanted to expand to other states until they were able to take their business nationwide. Tom asks the Cooks about transitioning from a legacy services-based business to a tech company and the creation of software. Be sure to also join us next Monday for Part 2 of our interview with Stewart and Tammy Cook. Thanks for listening! Continue reading