Ep 238 – Praxis CEO, Isaac Morehouse on How to Make Working With Friends Successful

SIBP-Blog-NEW-4 Hello Success in Business Podcast listeners! Welcome to Episode 238.

Today Tom Ryan has invited onto our show an incredible entrepreneur, Isaac Morehouse for part 5 of our 5 part interview. Isaac has created a business named Praxis that provides intelligent and talented individuals with apprenticeship positions at startup companies. Praxis is an alternative to a traditional university experience, which is a welcome option for many who are daunted by expensive tuition and an ever-growing, post-graduation unemployment outlook.

Tom and Isaac discuss how to manage a startup with partners, friends and family and they share tips for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Isaac works with a brother and close friend. Tom asks him how to manage that balance of those to realms of the relationship.

Isaac explains that you want to work with people who you actually like and would hang out with. Especially with a startup. Of course, he was wary of blending a friendship with a coworker relationship, but he came to learn that it was worth the risk. But that’s just his style. He tried to keep the boundaries blurry. He works from home sometimes and his life is very fluid. He’s cautious when he needs to be.

Tom Ryan makes sure to sit down with every new hire to set a good precedent of the friendly yet professional relationship, especially with new hires that are already friends. The friendship or familial relationship needs to come first and that means that if things are getting too tense, the working relationship needs to stop. Isaac Morehouse agrees. He would do whatever it took to keep a friendship secure. Similarly he would do whatever the business needed, even to the tune of stepping down as CEO. If he knew the company would do better with someone else as CEO he wouldn’t shy away from that.

When it comes to work/life balance Tom and Isaac both have experience balancing parenthood and working from home. Isaac takes a midday walk each day and he feels a little guilty stepping away from his desk sometimes, but it is really part of a healthy work day. It’s part of his creative process.

With so many demands on our time Isaac and Tom share one last golden piece of advice and that is to give your best energy to the people for whom you want to be a hero. Thanks for tuning in today. Have a great day!

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