Ep. 166 – How a Business Partnership is Like a Marriage: An Interview with Grava Bike Co., Part 4

Grava Bikes, straight from the paint booth.

Grava Bikes, straight from the paint booth.

In a marriage, one of the thorniest issues tends to be managing money. As Grava Bike Co. co-founders Jeff Welch and Shawn Moore explain, a business partnership is kind of like a marriage where the only thing to think about and talk about is money. Handled poorly, a business partnership can easily turn into a stressful and tense situation. Not surprisingly, both Jeff and Shawn believe strong communication to be key to a long-lasting business partnership.

In today’s episode of the Success in Business podcast, host and business coach Tom Ryan continues his conversation with Jeff and Shawn. As always, Tom is joined by co-host and producer Jason Pyles.

• Show opening

• Essential skills for young entrepreneurs

  • Communication
  • Strong partnerships
  • Welcoming different perspectives
  • Clarity in goals

• Challenges in overcoming rough patches in partnerships

• Similarities between business partnerships and a marriage

• Thoughts on maintaining work/life balance

  • Compartmentalizing work and family time
  • Creating blocks of time for specific tasks
  • Scheduling time to exercise

• The value of exercise as a “reset”

• Why it’s important to not lose sight of why you started the business

• How to learn more about Grava Bike Co.

• To be continued …

• Sign off, and how to contact the show

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