Ep. 130 – Presentation Do’s and Don’ts With Special Guest Natalie Pyles

SIB-Blog-1It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to have a little fun. On the heels of the last episode about rocking the pitch presentation, host Tom Ryan presents his list of presentation “Do’s and Don’ts.” Expect some handy tips, and some entertaining stories, in this freewheeling episode.

Listeners are also in for a special treat, as guest Natalie Pyles also joins in on the conversation. In addition to being producer Jason Pyles’s wife, Natalie works behind the scenes as the show’s audio editor.

• Show opening, and welcome to special guest Natalie Pyles

Tom’s Presentation Do’s and Don’ts:

  • If you’re using a projector, don’t read the slides
    • Jason’s college presentation story
    • Tom’s college class story
    • Tom’s story about Twyla (his wife) and following the rules
  • If you’re using a projector, do take the time to rehearse
    • The value of an outline for handling presentation anxiety
    • Tom’s tips for overcoming presentation anxiety
    • “I need to get back to you on that
  • Don’t let your fear of public speaking detract from your presentation
  • Do acknowledge that you’re a little bit nervous, if you need to
  • Don’t rush your words due to nerves, or to cover more information
  • Don’t ad-lib, particularly in a timed presentation

• Sign off, and ways to contact the show (by Natalie)

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