Ep. 171 – Writing the Right E-book: An Interview with Get Out Mama’s Mara Watts, Part 2

Get Out Mama founder Mara Watts

Get Out Mama founder Mara Watts

If Mara Watts is right, stay-at-home moms might just be one of the biggest untapped workforces of the 21st century. It’s an idea she explores in her eBook, Make Money, Mama!. In addition to being a helpful guide for contributing to the household income, Mara’s book has proven to be an effective and engaging work of content marketing for her business, Get Out Mama.

In today’s episode, co-producer and occasional co-host Natalie Pyles continues her interview with Mara, aided by host and business coach Tom Ryan.

• Show intro, and recap of the interview thus far

• What it means to be a mom in 2016 (1:00)

• Retirees and moms as untapped pools of talent (3:30)

• Ideal jobs of moms (5:00)

• Mara’s eBook, Make Money, Mama! (8:00)

• Feedback on the eBook from moms (10:00)

• Building engagement and content marketing (11:00)

• Sign off, and how to contact the show

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