Ep. 170 – Creating a Local Network: An Interview with Get Out Mama’s Founder Mara Watts, Part 1

Get Out Mama founder Mara Watts

Get Out Mama founder Mara Watts

Shortly after the birth of her first child, Mara Watts wasn’t feeling like her usual, bubbly self. She was in a dark place, struggling with the isolation of postpartum depression. In her recovery from the isolation of depression, she realized that she couldn’t possibly be the only new mom going through this experience. There was a need for community building among new moms. Thanks to Mara’s entrepreneurial spark, Get Out Mama was born.

In addition to running Get Out Mama, Mara is also the Program Manager for the Kauffman Foundation Entrepreneur In Residence program, working alongside Success In Business host Tom Ryan. To keep the conversation fresh on today’s episode, Tom hands over the show’s reins to co-producer and occasional co-host Natalie Pyles.

• Show opening, thoughts on the Pyles podcasting legacy, and frustrations with Let’s Play YouTube videos

• Introducing Mara Watts, founder of Get Out Mama (1:30)

• Mara’s inspiration for creating Get Out Mama (3:30)

• Turning postpartum struggles into a business concept (5:30)

• Social media’s role in launching Get Out Mama (7:00)

• Building community support (8:00)

• Making motherhood easier, and the value of other moms (9:00)

• Why networking as a mother is a challenge (10:00)

• Monthly momma-led workshops, such as meal planning (12:00)

• Expanding beyond local (14:00)

• Sign off, and how to contact the show

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