Ep. 075 – An Interview with Brian Walker, Part 5: Creating Work/Life Balance

Brian Walker

Brian Walker

One of the biggest challenges faced by any business owner, and by startup founders in particular, is creating a balance between your working life and your personal one. According to AE Marketing Group founder Brian Walker, “The work/life balance is probably the hardest aspect of owning a business.”

In this final segment of the interview with Brian, host Tom Ryan and co-host Jason Pyles discuss the many personal stresses and challenges of running your own business, from knowing when to check email to finding the right balance of traits in new employees.

• Figuring out work/life balance

• Moving quickly versus thinking strategically

• The value of limiting your emailing hours

• “When you’re the owner, the company is the boss.”

• The value of controlling who you work with, from employees to customers

• “Doing good is good for business,” and the importance of service work

• Creating company culture with a mix of staff and freelancers

• Navigating the chaos of an early-stage company

• Where to learn more about Brian and AE Marketing Group

• The value of learning and improving by listening to other entrepreneurs

• Sign off, and ways to contact the show

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