Ep. 034 – Startup Weekend 101

Good morning! Welcome to Episode 034 of the Success in Business Podcast. In this show, your host Tom Ryan discusses a valuable resource that he believes will be beneficial to Brian and the rest of the listeners: The Startup Weekend.

That’s right! In lovely Asheville, North Carolina, from August 28 through August 30, 2015, attendees with various backgrounds in web development, coding, design, marketing, finance and law will assemble with a common interest in entrepreneurship. Each of these attendees works within a highly collaborative team to develop a product or business in just one weekend!

During Startup Weekend, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to share ideas and give and receive feedback from one another. This weekend network draws together a tremendous amount of experience, so it can be immensely insightful to a vast range of pursuits.

Coming up next time in Episode 035:
Your hosts will welcome their very first special guest, Leanna Miller, of COMPOSIA. Leanna is an organizer of Startup Weekend.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur who’s preparing to launch your startup, this episode is a must-listen! Join us!

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