Ep. 228 – 12 Questions Every Investment Pitch Deck Must Answer – Part 1 of 4

SIBP-Blog-NEW-4 Welcome to Episode 228 of the Success in Business Podcast where your host Tom Ryan and producer Jason Pyles are getting the band back together with a great discussion on preparing to answer questions from investors! There are 12 questions every investment pitch deck must answer. We’ll break this into 4 parts. Today, in part one, we cover the first three questions:

1. What’s the big thing that you do for your customers? Meaning, what is your impact on the world and do your company’s name and tagline communicate it clearly? Here’s a great terrible example of a completely imaginary company right off the top of Jason’s head: “HydraDex – Because you shouldn’t have to.” What does this mean to you? It probably means nothing! Be sure to keep right on the forefront what you do for your customers.

2. What’s not easy for your customers to do today that you can fix? This is where you tell what you can do to improve the current market conditions.

3. How will you make your customers’ lives better? And, this is where you tell HOW.

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