Ep. 089 – Capital At Play’s Oby Morgan, Part 4

Oby Morgan

Oby Morgan

Capital At Play publisher Oby Morgan is the first to admit that sales has been a huge part of his job as a publisher. As the head of a print publication in the “print is dead” digital age, it hasn’t always been easy. In this episode, host Tom Ryan talks with Oby about the role sales plays in publishing, using sales as a way to get market feedback, and why ignorance and innocence isn’t a bad thing when it comes to innovating an industry.

• Introduction, and recap of previous episode

• The role of sales in publishing

• “Teach the garden to weed itself”

• Sales as a means of getting direct market feedback

• Entrepreneurs are addicts

• The Holiday Inn origin story

• Valuing the innovations of industry outsiders

• Work/life balance

• Sign off, and ways to contact the show