Ep. 088 – Capital At Play’s Oby Morgan, Part 3

Oby Morgan

Oby Morgan

If there’s one thing Capital At Play publisher Oby Morgan has learned since launching his publication in 2011, it’s the value of building a product he believes in. In this episode, host Tom Ryan talks with Oby about his editorial vision, the importance of creating a quality product, and why being being a “great quitter” is a solid business strategy.

• Introduction, and recap of previous episode

Capital At Play as an excuse to talk to interesting people

• Structuring the magazine around personal interest

• Praise from Lichty Guitars

• Representing the way local businesses and innovators see themselves

• Advice Oby would give himself in 2011

• Investment in production quality

• The importance of liking your product

• The wisdom and value of failure

• Being a great quitter

• Sign off, and ways to contact the show