Ep. 050 – Why the Sales Philosophy “Always Be Closing” Is Problematic

350x350-5What better way is there to celebrate the 50th episode of the Success In Business Podcast than by changing things up? Host Tom Ryan presses pause on the discussion of building a core competency in sales, and instead focuses on one of the most interesting topics in the sales and marketing culture: “Always Be Closing.”

Made famous by the 1992 film version of Glengarry Glen Ross, the ABC of Sales approach isn’t exactly what it’s cracked up to be. As Tom explains, it almost always does far more harm than good. As always, Tom is joined by co-host and fellow podcaster Jason Pyles.

• Intro, and reflections on reaching the 50th podcast milestone

• Cinematic origins of the “ABCs of Sales” (Click here to see the scene. Warning: Lots of profanity.)

• Why the ABC of Sales “finishing move” philosophy is total bull

• Sales isn’t a non-consensual relationship

• Alternatives to ABCs thinking

  • ABP: Always Be Prospecting: New opportunities mean new sales
  • ABA: Always Be Aligning: Seeking and finding the connection between your prospect’s needs and your own

• The benefits of staying aligned with prospects, versus the costs of high-pressure sales

• Sign off, thanks and next episode preview

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