Ep. 209 – The Secrets to a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

SIBP-Blog-NEW-1 Start-ups are finding some creative new ways to get funding. Crowdfunding is incredibly popular right now so let’s talk about it!

In Episode 209, your host and business coach Tom Ryan discusses with Jason Pyles the secrets to using Crowdfunding or Kickstarter campaigns as a way to to fund your start-up. First, you set a financial goal. For example, you might set a goal to raise $50,000. People can donate toward you goal and receive rewards as an incentive. You might not have suspected, because the whole vibe is so chill, but there are some regulations that you need to check out and there are certain business types that tend to be more successful on Kickstarter, so be sure to do your homework.

Kickstarter has 13 million visitors every month. 80,000 projects funded so far. The secrets to a successful campaign center on how you spread the word. Next week we’ll talk about using videos to get funding. Thanks for listening!

Links for Today’s Episode:

Kickstarter Rules

Kickstarter Success

Kickstarter Projects

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Ep. 099 – GoWorx’s Ryan Klinger on Finding a Work-Life Balance, Part 3

Ryan Klinger

Ryan Klinger

Like every entrepreneur, GoWorx founder Ryan Klinger has things he would do differently if he had to start all over again. What advice does Ryan have for other industrial designers who are considering starting their own companies? “Gather a great team as early as you can.”

In this final interview segment, host Tom Ryan and producer Jason Pyles talk with Ryan about the entrepreneurial lifestyle, maintaining a healthy work/life balance, and much more.

• Introduction and recap of the interview

• What would Ryan do differently if he was starting GoWorx over? Continue reading

Ep. 098 – Kickstarter Lessons Learned: Ryan Klinger of GoWorx, Part 2

Ryan Klinger

Ryan Klinger

As the founder of GoWorx, Ryan Klinger has learned plenty about adapting and pivoting a business. Nothing in his background as an industrial designer prepared him for the challenges of creating a Kickstarter campaign, for instance. With every roadblock he’s encountered, however, Ryan has picked up great insights and experiences that have helped him grow his brand.

In this episode, host Tom Ryan and producer Jason Pyles talk with Ryan about reaching influencers, hitting the ground running with crowdfunding, the entrepreneurial benefits of a background in design, and much more. Continue reading

Ep. 097 – Staying on Top of Industry Trends: Ryan Klinger of GoWorx, Part 1

Ryan Klinger

Ryan Klinger

As an industrial designer, Ryan Klinger worked on everything from Vans footwear to Hasbro’s Nerf line. But something about the consultant lifestyle didn’t fit with him, so he ventured to Steamboat Springs, CO, in search of outdoor adventure. Along the way, he encountered a new kind of camera called the GoPro. The camera was great, but it needed a handle, and Ryan had just the right set of skills to make one. Thus, GoWorx was born.

In this episode, host Tom Ryan and producer Jason Pyles talk with Ryan about founding GoWorx, pivoting the company, and the company’s new position as an REI-like retailer for all thing GoPro. Continue reading