Ep. 231 – 12 Questions Every Investment Pitch Deck Must Answer – Part 4 of 4

SIBP-Blog-NEW-4 Welcome to Episode 231 of the Success in Business Podcast. Today your host Tom Ryan and producer Jason Pyles wrap up the list of 12 questions you’ve got to be ready to answer when meeting with an investor.

10. Is your team able to get it done?

It is critical that you can prove that you have assembled an incredible team. Even if it is a small team, that’s OK. It just can’t be you alone. At this point you need to have valuable people on your team.

11. How much money can you make in the next 3 to 5 years?

Investors’ business model is typically to invest and then liquidate in 3-5 years. They want to know that you can do that for them in that short amount of time.

12. How much money are you seeking, and what will you accomplish with it?

Now you need to “read” the flow of the conversation and get ready to ask a direct or semi-direct question. Are they still sitting back with their arms folded or do you have them leaning forward in their seat? Tom reminds us that you need to have a little swagger! Be confident that you are worth the risk!

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