Ep. 229 – 12 Questions Every Investment Pitch Deck Must Answer – Part 2 of 4

SIBP-Blog-NEW-4 Welcome to Episode 229 of the Success in Business Podcast. Today your host Tom Ryan and producer Jason Pyles continue discussing the kind of thorough preparation you must do before meeting with an investor. There are 12 questions every investment pitch deck must answer. We’ll break this into 4 parts. Today, in part two, we cover questions four through six:

4. What’s so special about your offering? This is a unique opportunity for you to prove that you have something innovative to bring to the table.

5. How do they make money? The investor is looking to make money. This isn’t a philanthropic venture for them. Basically, you have to remove all doubt that there is a real problem here for you to remedy. How is the investor going to make money?

6. How many customers will you reach, and how can you reach them? (How big is big?) OK, show them your traction. Show them who your customers are and how you find them.

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