Boosting Your Membership Retention: Incentives and A/B Testing

SIBP-2If you want to boost your membership retention rates, you need to understand the motivations of your subscribers. A bit part of this is simply asking current members about what they value about your service, and asking returning members why they came back. The more open and comprehensive the dialog, the clearer the picture becomes.

Of course, not every subscriber will be strongly motivated to share their feedback freely. In that case, you might need to create an incentive to encourage participation from a wide range of customers. Even something like a free month or a discount on their next renewal can be compelling. Continue reading

Getting the Most Out of Your Advertising Dollars: The Value of A/B Testing

IMG_2329Successful business decisions are rarely the ones with the most dramatic results. While the steep growth curves can be fun while they last, most of the day-to-day trends that can make or break a company come from smaller trends and decisions. No place is this more true than with advertising, where even a seemingly marginal difference in response rates can have huge results over the life of a campaign.

With so many options — from old-media ad buys in TV, radio and print to the various online and email campaigns of new-media — you could easily find yourself with a range of channels with conversion rates separated by a mere fraction of a percent. And even when you find the right channel, how do you know if you’re getting the best response? How can you truly know what kind of advertising works best for your company? Continue reading