Ep. 006: How to Market Artistic Works

Happy Monday and good morning fellow entrepreneurs! Today on Episode 6 of the Success in Business Podcast your host Tom Ryan answers the show’s first voice mail from our listener Pam. She has a question about how to monetize the book she has written and the paintings she has done. Tom talks about the importance of identifying the audience for whom you’ve created the work and directly asking them for feedback. He encourages artist entrepreneurs to work up the courage to ask what people think about what they’ve created. Make sure you’re hitting the mark for your audience. Then, Tom goes into detail about how to break down heavy content literature as e-books. Join us!

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One thought on “Ep. 006: How to Market Artistic Works

  1. Dear Tom & Jason:

    I’m so thrilled you took my message and gave me 23 minutes of your valuable time. You have me so excited once again about my book. I’m so looking fwd to actually talking with you about my book and paintings.
    The book is about child abuse–severe abuse in every form. I wrote it for all those who have survived their abuse and broke the cycle in their families. I wrote it to those with heads hanging down; unable to look someone in the face because you have been humiliated and have no self-esteem. I wanted the legislators to know that it is ridiculous to slap a pedophile on the wrist and say, “don’t do it again!” Pedophiles cannot be rehabilitated.

    I wanted to reach out to people like myself and hopefully give them some comfort, support and empathy. I intended for it to be a reference book for therapists, and a book they may suggest for their patients to read. I want to reach out to parents and let them know how easily your child can be a victim of a pedophile. They normally have 40-60 victims in their lifetime. They ruin and destroy all those lives, and then our legislators thinks that a six month sentence is justice. It is a real insult to one who has been abused. They ruin your life; take it away and only get 6 months for it! It should carry the same sentences of cold-blood, premeditated murder.

    As you can see, I am pretty passionate about the subject.

    On the other hand, painting has been a release for me, and it’s great therapy. I can get lost for hours on end in a painting. My paintings vary from mixed media of a peacock to painting Bob Ross’s style. I paint animals, flowers, and anything that speaks to me. I’m basically self taught in oil painting and have enjoyed it now for years. However, what do you do with 70 paintings?

    Again, I am honored you took the time to speak to my projects.
    Many thanks,

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