Ep. 173 – Developing the Confidence it Takes to Lead a Business: An Interview with Get Out Mama’s Mara Watts, Part 4

Get Out Mama founder Mara Watts

Get Out Mama founder Mara Watts

When Mara Watts was still in elementary school, she had plans to start her own business. Not just any business, but a project that would have meaning and ultimately help people. As the founder and CEO of Get Out Mama, she’s finally taken her first steps towards living up to that 5th grader’s dreams.

In this final installment of the interview with Mara, host and business coach Tom Ryan and co-host and co-producer Natalie Pyles talk about the challenges of running a business while being a full-time mom, why motherhood is great training for being an entrepreneur, and what it’s really like to work with Tom.

• Show intro, and recap of the interview thus far

• The challenges of entrepreneurship (0:30)

• Juggling the responsibilities of motherhood with being an entrepreneur (2:30)

• Working with Tom (6:00)

• Finding balance, and building confidence (7:30)

• Mara’s growing confidence and entrepreneurial instincts (9:00)

• Mara’s 5th grade plan to make a difference (10:30)

• Wrapping up the interview (13:00)

• Sign off, and how to contact the show

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