Ep. 156 – Donald Miller’s “How to Tell a Story” eBook – Part 3

What do Star Wars and a great sales presentation or business pitch have in common? They follow the same fundamental storytelling structure. In today’s episode, we continue our multi-part review of How to Tell a Story by Donald Miller. Host and business coach Tom Ryan and co-host/producer Jason Pyles talk about applying effective storytelling ideas to your business.

If this sounds interesting to you, download your own copy of Donald Miller’s How to Tell a Story eBook today, and be sure to keep listening to the Success in Business Podcast this week for our continuing review.

• Show opening

• Recap of the ebook review thus far (1:00)

• Content marketing as a way to build relationships (3:50)

• Miller’s incognito encounter with a fan (5:30)

• Viewing Star Wars through Miller’s structure (7:30)

• Your character is not you, your character is your customer (11:00)

• The guide, the plan, and the call to action (14:00)

• The results of telling the right story (15:30)

• To be continued …

• Sign off, and ways to contact the show

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